A mega metaverse project with a genius developer Lee Doo-hee, representing Korea, and the Kongz team!
Our goal is to globalize K-NFT with the hallyu wave just like K-POP.
Scene #1 The doctor, the creator of Meta Kongz finally succeeds in an experiment that goes to another dimension.
Scene #2 The Meta Kongz that were cloned by the doctor gradually crossed over to a new dimension and entered a new world, Chaos Arena.
Scene #3 However, this place had a high concentration of radioactivity, and all the Kongz who crossed over ended up becoming mutants!
Scene #4 Interestingly, there were already new creatures living there called “Mutant G.rilla”, and the mutant Kongz eventually encountered them! Seeing the G.rilla's bizarre appearance, the mutant Kongz were startled and they wouldn’t allow each other to get close to them…!

  • Launching it as independent collection

    Bringing a variety of collaborations and exclusive benefits to the G.rilla & Super G.rilla ecosystem

  • Super G.rilla Synthesis

    There are 2,500 Super G.rillas and 2,500 Super Mutants, for a total of 5,000

    Mine the Mutant Coin

    Open the rarity and rank

  • Strong Community

    Hosting freqeunt offline meeting with G.rilla holders

    Strong membership participation through offline events

  • Mutant Coin


    Listing on the CEX exchange

    Infinity Market, Chaos Arena and other token buring channels

  • Chaos Arena

    Privileges for G.rilla and Super G.rilla holders

  • Project Management


  • Development

    iamdoo2 & LIKELION

  • Development


  • Marketing & CS


  • Art & Design